The begining

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wrong again

You grow up have kids get married live a wonderful happy life.... That is till you realize that you were never really allowed to grow up. I love having my children but I don't love being treated like one. Like I don't know what decisions are right for me its just like in high school you have mummy telling you what you can and can't do then you get married and you have a husband who turns into that same person you couldn't wait to get away from all those years ago.. I can't talk to some of MY friends cause it causes fights and jealous rages... I will admit I have been that way at times in the begining... NO excuse I know but... seriously we are supposed to be adults now.. We both were supposed to have grown up over the last 10 years. I get accused of being to distracted when I am on here doing different things. I spend my day usually cleaning, cooking, changing dirty nappies, laundry, running errands, paying bills, picking oldest up from school, grocery shopping, football and cheering practice, baths, snacks and bed.... so when I find the time to sit here and ignore the fighting and bickering and other bullshit I can't see where that is such a crime.. I mean he needs down time when he comes home from work... I should be entitles to some aswell.. whether they are awake or sleeping afterall.... this is MY job and it is stressful too. Yet he is the one always saying how wrong he is how i always tell him whats right and what wrong and how I am always having to show I have control over him.. I don't and I am sorry he feels that way but that is not my intention to make him feel that way but apparently I am the bad guy and don't really care... WRONG.


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